AMA is rooted in our belief about education: provide production-based training and real world projects that connect students directly with renowned studios and clients.

We use our years of international experiences to prepare students for working on a global scale. Currently, we have students from over 50 countries enrolled in our online courses, and their career goals range from cinematographer to animator to medical researcher. Every day we’re thrilled to see so many visionaries step forward to design the future!

We integrate real craftsmanship with emerging digital technologies to bring visions to life. Seeing students who are computer whizzes learn from those who are dancers and painters is terrific! All syllabi are intentionally written to introduce students to working in an openly collaborative—and interdisciplinary—environment.

Our programs are supervised by media and production veterans with direct industry links across the world.

Browse our past projects, enroll in our online courses, and please contact us if you have questions or want to host a workshop!